4 Benefits of Joining a Wellness Retreat

Relaxing at the Rancho La Puerta Pool

Want to know the 4 benefits of joining a wellness retreat? Last month we visited Rancho La Puerta,“The Ranch,” a fitness and spa retreat in Tecate, Mexico. What we found was a space to detox, destress, connect and reflect freely amidst nature.


If you’re thinking of signing up for a wellness retreat it’s probably because you’re looking to make a healthy change. Many retreat programs offer healthy, well-balanced meal options that prepare the body and mind for transformative detox.

At The Ranch, we were served a fresh and chemical free lacto-ovo vegetarian diet (no poultry or meat), including seafood, which provided us the essential protein, vitamins, minerals and probiotics needed to support our week of fitness activities.

Rancho La Puerta Jicama TacoPhoto Courtesy of Rancho La Puerta


Retreat programs typically offer a wide range of fitness activates from hiking, swimming, meditation, yoga to Pilates classes, which aid in reducing stress. Regular exercise can not only reduce the risk of heart disease, but can improve your flexibility, mood and sleep.

We spent our first morning at The Ranch with a fun, but challenging hike through the foothills of Mt. Kuchumaa. Our reward? A dip in the pool accompanied by fresh squeezed juice to satiate our thirst.

Hike at Rancho La Puerta Rancho La Puerta Juice Bar
Photos Courtesy of Rancho La Puerta

To unwind, we stumbled upon a peaceful garden, the perfect setting for a yoga and meditation session.

Take advantage of these moments of tranquility. The purpose of a retreat is to take the time off you need to focus on what’s truly important…YOU.

Yoga at Rancho La PuertaPhotography by Monique Feil Photography
Meditation at the Rancho La Puerta RetreatPhotography by Monique Feil Photography 


While a retreat can take your personal journey to the next level, it can also be a great social opportunity to connect with other like-minded individuals who are looking to make positive lifestyle changes.  

Surround yourself with people who lift you up and will be your biggest cheerleaders. Who knows – you might meet a friend, a lover or find a business opportunity that excites and ignites your shared passion for living a healthy life.

Inspirational Quote YogiRuPhoto by Monique Feil Photography

After our hike at The Ranch, we connected with the most amazing couple, Rich and Michele Roe of Costa Rica Retreats. This chance encounter was serendipitous, because we’ve dreamed of launching our very own health and wellness retreat. Stay tuned, because YogiRu is planning a retreat to Costa Rica in June 2018. Sign up to reserve your spot!


A retreat is a great place for self-reflection. It’s a safe space that encourages you to be present and show up as your authentic-self. When you live less out of habit, and more out of intent, you will lead a happier, healthier and fuller life.

After your retreat, you will undoubtedly feel relaxed, refreshed and restored. Don’t let your amazing transformation fall by the wayside! Reflect on what you have learned about yourself and the things you would like to change when you return to reality. 

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