4 Best Exercises for Skiing

Skiing in Leggings by YogiRu

While winter is melting away as we head into spring, the heavy snowpack will keep ski resorts open longer this season. Get in shape with these four best exercises for skiing that will help build the strength you need to conquer the slopes.

Jump Lunges (40 Reps, 20 per side)

To get your butt and legs in shape for skiing and build heart strength, add jump lunges to your exercise routine.

  • Start with your right foot forward in a lunge position.
  • Jump up, switching your feet mid-air to land with the opposite foot forward.
  • Continue to alternate each side landing so the knee hovers 2 inches above the ground.

(Add dumbbells for extra burn)

Jumping Lunges with YogiRu

Jump Squats (15 Reps)

The perfect exercise for developing quads and glutes, jump squats will help you build more strength to ski fast and maintain control during turns.

  • Bring your feet shoulder-width apart and squat down so your thighs are parallel to the floor.
  • Jump high landing on the balls of your feet, avoiding impact on the heel.

(Add dumbbells for an extra challenge)

Jumping Squats with YogiRu

Plyometric Wall Jump (10 Reps)

A great exercise to get the explosive power you need to change direction quickly while skiing, the plyometric wall jump will also help build strength in your quads and glutes.

  • Come into a squat position, brining your feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Jump up using your entire body and softly land on the wall keeping your torso engaged.  
  • Step off and repeat.

(Add dumbbells to increase difficulty)  

Wall Jump with YogiRu

Jump Rope (100 Reps)  

Because jump rope mimics the high impact that skiing has on your joints, use this exercise to learn how to jump and land softly.

  • Stand with your feet together, keeping your knees bent.
  • Bring your elbows near your sides holding the handles of the rope with both hands.
  • Jump up while swinging the rope over-head and land softly on the balls of your feet.

(Note: Let your wrists not your arms do the work)

Jump Rope with YogiRu

Experience the best ski-day of the season when you master these four best exercises for skiing and charge the mountain like you never have before.   

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