3 Healing Crystals for Daily Life

Healing Crystals Amethyst, Selenite and Rose Quartz

Lately healing crystals have been all the stir, especially with Hollywood celebrities like Miranda Kerr, Kate Hudson and Adele who have embraced their healing potential. So why all the hoopla?

Crystals have been used for centuries for their special healing properties. It is believed that when stones are placed on the body, in spaces around the home and used in meditation, healing can occur and intentions can be all the more powerful. 

Here are our 3 favorite healing crystals you can incorporate into your daily life.

Rose Quartz: Healing Crystal for Love

Rose quartz is a healing crystal that opens the heart to all types of love: Self-love, familial love, romantic love and love of humanity. Rose quartz can also help improve self-confidence and balance emotions.

Place a piece of Rose Quartz on your bedroom nightstand to create loving vibes, keep a small piece it in your car or purse as a reminder to travel through your day with love and humility.

Rose Quartz Loving Meditation:

Come to an easy seated position. Close your eyes and hold Rose Quartz in hand. Take three deep cleansing breaths while relaxing all the muscles in your body. Root down to the earth from your tailbone and up to the sky from the crown of your head. With each inhale begin to think of things you love about yourself, try to not judge or second guess. Then think of some things you love about your loved ones. Imagine inhaling all the love you have and exhaling it out into the universe to all those you love and to all humankind. Take three final deep inhales and exhales and bring love back to yourself, thank yourself for taking such good care of your mind body and soul.

Carry your stone with you through the day or place it in a place where you will see it often and will be reminded to do all things with love.

Healing Crystals Rose Quartz

Amethyst : Healing Crystal for Stress Relief 

Amethyst comes from the Greek meaning "without drunkenness," and was believed to protect one from poison. Known as the "stone of sobriety, it encourages inner strength, peace and can attract positive energy while clearing out negative energy.

Amethyst is also associated with calming the nervous system, which makes it a great healing crystal to keep next to your bed if you suffer from insomnia or turbulent sleep. If you are looking for a cleansing or healing crystal, keep amethyst in your kitchen as a visual reminder for you to keep what you put into your body clean and free of toxins. 

Amethyst Cleansing & Healing Meditation:

Come to an easy seated position. Close your eyes and hold your Amethyst in hand. Take three deep cleansing breaths while relaxing all the muscles in your body. Root down to the earth from your tailbone and up to the sky from the crown of your head. Breathing fluidly, clear away any negative thoughts, emotions and things that no longer serve you. Imagine then, all the positive things you desire in life such as love, acceptance, confidence and strength.

Place Amethyst next to your yoga mat while you practice to bring positive energy while you work through your flow and release any negative energy.

Healing Crystals Amethyst

Selenite: Healing Crystal for Mental Clarity

Selenite gets its name from "Selene," the Greek Goddess of the Moon and is known for its purifying and protective qualities. If you work around electronics, place Selenite by a computer, phone or home entertainment system. Selenite can deflect the electromagnetic waves that can leave you feeling dazed or foggy. 

Selenite and amethyst also make great companions since they work to cleanse and energize your surroundings. Keep these stones near the front entrance of your home to set the tone for a peaceful and positive environment. 

Healing Crystals Selenite

Where to get your healing crystals:

Ready to explore crystal healing? Two of our favorite resources are Energy Muse where you can purchase healing crystals, crystal jewelry, books and more. Moon and Jai, offers amazing instructional crystal kits perfect for the crystal healing beginner.

We encourage you to experiment, research and find what works best for you! We would love to hear in the comments below if you tried any of these healing crystals or meditations. 

Happy Crystal Healing!

Author Amber Baker of 108 Reasons is a San Diego-based Mama, Yoga Teacher, Recipe Developer & Marketing Specialist in the health & wellness industry. 

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