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5 Yoga Poses Inspired by the Total Solar Eclipse

To celebrate the spectacle of the total solar eclipse, try these 5 yoga poses inspired by the phases of the sun and the moon. The last time a total solar eclipse crossed the contiguous United States from coast-to-coast was 1918. Today, almost 100 years later, people across the nation will witness this phenomena, as the new moon passes between the sun and the Earth in totality. First Contact – Mountain Pose (Tadasana) During the first phase of the total solar eclipse, the edge of the moon starts to pass across the sun. Just as the New Moon signifies change, Mountain Pose (Tadasana) is a great yoga pose to start your journey within and set an intention for your practice. Come...

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Use this Yoga Sequence To Boost Creativity 

Creativity is an important characteristic that many people ignore when it comes to being successful in business and personal development. Use this yoga sequence to boost creativity and open your mind and body to new possibilities. Sukasana | Easy Pose If you’re feeling anxious or overwhelmed from your daily routine, Sukasana (easy pose) helps slow your heart rate, promoting groundedness. While this yoga pose may sound “easy”, sitting in a meditative state is more difficult than you think.   Begin your yoga sequence in a cross-legged seated position, resting your hands (palms faced-up) on your knees. Close your eyes and clear your mind of of any outside noise or distractions. Use this time of quiet meditative reflection to concentrate on...

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