Erin Jeanne Wright (AsanaSketch)

YogiRu featured artist Erin Jeanne Wright

Erin Jeanne Wright, originally from a (very) small town outside of Ottawa, Canada, has spent the last seven years living in Denmark. In her past life, she spent ten years in higher education as a student turned academic employee, earning a BA in English, Classics and Religion, and an MA in the Study of Religion. She now works for a growing startup in the e-learning industry developing online courses for a wide audience and specializing in the breakout trend of #microlearning.

A creative at heart, she first dipped her toes in digital illustration two years ago, creating a limited print run of mixed media abstract leaf prints for friends and family. She has since had the opportunity to flex her creative muscles professionally as part of her role at Knowga, where she has been central in developing the visual identity of the e-learning brand.

Her current passion project is @AsanaSketch, an Instagram account dedicated to sketching the yogis of Instagram one asana at a time. The minimalistic, linear style and pops of color are designed to put the focus on the beautiful shapes created by different bodies in yoga asanas (poses). The central philosophy of the project is that every body is a yoga body. She also incorporates her love of micro-learning by including micro-Sanskrit lessons in each post. Read our blog how these illustrations come to life

Asanasketch of @mynameisjessamyn

Any free time not spent making magic with the Knowga Team or on creative pursuits is dedicated to her yoga practice, traveling to visit family and friends, and just generally exploring the world with her partner.

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Mayurasana Peacock Pose - YogiRu

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