Stefanie Bales

YogiRu artist Stefanie Bales

Fine art painter Stefanie Bales has been practicing as a career artist for over 12 years. She splits her time between San Diego and Santa Barbara and considers both places home.

Stefanie’s work expands across numerous mediums and is multimodal in both process and technique. She exhibits regularly and her work is in numerous private collections spanning the globe. Stefanie has been published recently in the Santa Barbara Sentinel, Creative Quarterly Magazine, San Diego Citybeat, UT-TV, and KUSI’s good morning San Diego. She earned a BFA degree in 2004 and an MS in 2009 and teaches Art and Design classes at Platt College.

Stefanie is currently working on a collection of contemporary landscape paintings, the most recent of which are inspired by the Southern California landscape. While each piece has its own narrative and visual identity, they are meant to intuit idioms of the collective subconscious.

With each work, she starts with one inspiration and then responds intuitively to color, texture, and form. This lends to the merging of both realist and surrealist qualities, often creating secondary contradictions or illusions in figure and form, ground and space, lightness and darkness. 

Each work reveals some sort of indeterminableness, representing the way time moves in a dream-state fluidly but not necessarily with connectivity.  The conversation is meant to exist in that space where our waking lives and lucid dreams collide. 

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